Build your boat

Satisfaction building your own boat. Incentive followed by action using plans to build your boat.

Build a Boat

I remember the day when I said in idle chatter to a lady in a real estate office that I would like to run a coffee shop. She caught me right off guard with words that have been with me ever since: “why don’t you then?” Yes indeed, if you want to build a boat:  “why don’t you then?” Sure, it is easier said than done, but getting started is the first step to getting it done.

A Great Hobby

Boat building can be a fun and interesting hobby, which offers a finished project you can use for all kinds of recreational experiences. It’s much cheaper to build your own watercraft for fishing or sailing and rowing. Sailboats, canoes or kayaks are projects that are commonly built from plans for boats, but boat building can include larger vessels, if you are ready to make the commitment in time, money and materials.

When looking for designs of larger types of boats, you can find everything from powerboat to tri-hull or catamarans, but you may want to start with a smaller project, if this is your first-time crafting your own vessel. Many first-time hobbyists consider wooden boat plans, since the materials are readily available, but you can also purchase boat-building kits, which include all the materials you will need, to complete construction.

Sources that Help

For those who are interested in designing their own plans for boats, it’s easy to find advice and information from online support, boating suppliers and project-builder forums. A blueprint of some sort is highly-recommended, regardless. For the first-time boat builder, a skiff is probably the easiest to build without a kit or formal design plans, but you will also find plenty of online websites that offer free boat plans.

Many hobbyists are willing to share their experiences, along with tutorials and pictures of their projects. You can also locate dealers that sell required boat-building supplies, including fiberglass, epoxy, foam and paints, along with specialty boating hardware. These are a few things that beginners need to consider, before they start on their first project.

Include Costs in Your Plans

The important advantage that comes with purchasing expertly-designed plans or kits is the full technical support that may exist. For some hobbyists building their first boats, this can make the most obvious differences, in your finished project. With expert help, you won’t need to worry about wasting materials and with the purchase of pre-cut boat kits, special tools or measurements aren’t required.

Dinghies, canoes and kayaks may be fairly simple to construct, but if you are considering catamarans or classic wooden yachts, you want to be sure you end up with a water-worthy craft of proper design. Materials and construction methods can vary, when you are building your own watercraft, which is why plans for boats are highly recommended. Whether you are building in wood, steel, aluminum, wood strip plank or plywood, it’s important to know the basics of boat-building. Once you have built your first watercraft, it’s easier to progress to complicated projects.

Building a barge boat

A barge boat is a simple starting project

You may want to start with a river drift boat or consider complete boat-building kits because an amateur boat-builder should get plenty of advice. While building your own watercraft can be a time-consuming process, it’s one that pays off handsomely in recreational rewards, personal pride and saves you a lot of money, over purchasing production-line watercraft from your local dealer. For those with a  love of boating, boat-building is a hobby that yields a valuable and usable asset, when done properly, and plans for boats are an essential part of the process.

About the author: Ronald likes to do rather than just dream or ponder, with building projects a current focus.